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The Chaim Kotler Genius Lab

The Chaim Kotler Genius Lab is made possible by a generous 100th anniversary gift from the Adriana and Haim Kotler Family Foundation.

With the ELF Child-Safe Browser, children can only visit sites that are appropriate and educational on a secure network managed by professionals, advertisement and pop-up free. With your membership, you can download the ELF Child-Safe Browser on your home computer. Click HERE to start the download.

If you do not yet have a password please contact Barbara Whiston to set one up.

Early Literacy Station (ELS)™
The Early Literacy Stations™ (ELS) are easy to use, safe and secure computer consoles that promote learning via age-appropriate, multi-curricular content. For ages 2-8, they feature over 4,000 multi-curricular activities to jumpstart early education with interactive eBooks and games in English and French.

AfterSchool Edge™
The AfterSchool Edge™ programs, for ages 6-10 are geared towards enrichment, intervention, homework help, and skill reinforcement in all curricular subject areas.Aligned with academic standards, they promotes collaborative, explorative and independent learning, fantastic aid for homeschooling.

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