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We Take Care Of Our Friends!

On the evening of Wednesday, October 26 2022, we put the public back in The Jewish Public Library with our first “big” event for a couple of years. The venue was the Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, and our guests of honour were two bestselling authors, Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan, authors of the novel, Mad Honey. What a memorable night!  We were all smiles reconnecting with many long-standing Friends of the JPL, some of whom we haven’t seen in person in almost three years.  We started out with a thank you cocktail for Friends of the JPL.



A Mad Honey Cocktail to Celebrate Jewish Book Month

This was our special thank you to the Friends of the JPL who’ve supported us through the last few years despite the uncertainty of if/when we’d ever be able to do in-person gatherings again!


Some Friends of the JPL at the special Jewish Book Month Keynote Event Cocktail. [Photo by Howard Kay, 2022]



The Main Event: An On-stage Conversation

The wonderfully thoughtful conversation (moderated by the thoughtful Rabbi Lisa Grushcow) explored many of the themes that Mad Honey explores: families, secrets and the things that remain when we start over (as well as how two writers collaborate creatively during the writing process). And Friends of the JPL had front row seats!


A lighter on-stage moment between our two guests of honour, Jennifer Finney Boylan (l) and Jodi Picoult (r). Wow, it was great to hear an audience laugh in-person. “Virtual laughter” isn’t the same thing! [Photo by Howard Kay, 2022]


Photostation by LeBooth

The LeBooth Photostation that we had set up outside the Main Event Venue in the Temple was a big hit! The line was long to get individual photos with both authors (and everyone’s own signed copy of Mad Honey) , but it moved very quickly – with a happy buzz of anticipation. 

Photo Station by LeBooth. Everyone got their pics taken with the authors + their own signed copy of Mad Honey. [Photo by Howard Kay, 2002.]


Get friendly with JPL

Click here to get more information about becoming a Friend of JPL, a community of advocates, thinkers and lovers of the Library. Friends really do help us sustain our storied institution that is celebrating 108 years as a hub for Jewish arts, culture and history. Plus, Friends of the JPL get some snazzy perks like complimentary tickets to cultural happenings and exclusive Friends-only events (like the event above: The Friends of JPL Cocktail Reception to celebrate Jewish Book Month).


Each guest received both printed and digital LeBooth photos of them with the authors and their own copy of Mad Honey. Génial!



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