JPL Membership

Free Membership - JPL’s 110th Anniversary

In celebration of the JPL’s 110th Anniversary, membership is now FREE! 

Simply come to the Library to register for a card or renew your membership.  Membership is required to borrow library material. 

If you are already a member, the JPL is grateful for your commitment to our community and the Library. You do not need to do anything until your expiration date.  Your membership will remain active for one year, as per usual. 

The “Jewish” part of the Jewish Public Library refers to the collection, not the users. The Library is open to everyone, however, only members may borrow from our collections. You are welcome to visit our library without being a member and utilize our services during opening hours.

Please contact the Circulation Desk at 514-345-2627 x3003 for more information.

While membership is now free, we still need your support.

Please consider giving generously to ensure the JPL is open to all.

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Frequently asked membership questions

What happens if I lose my card?
There is a $5 replacement charge for lost or stolen cards. If you’ve forgotten your card when you come to the library, you may still borrow books with a valid piece of ID. 

What if you don’t have my book? Can you get it?
In most cases, yes. The Library can borrow books from another library in Canada using our Interlibrary Loan service on your behalf. You must be a JPL member to benefit from this program.

Can any book in the collection be borrowed?
All books except for those located in the Reference collection and other special collections can be borrowed. For more information on borrowing please check out borrowing page.