Create an Endowment



An endowment fund is a financial gift that creates a permanent source of income to the Jewish Public Library and, just like a savings account, provides a measure of financial security to our organization. By creating an endowment, not only do you have assurance that your gift will only be used in perpetuity, but you also help our organization to become financially sustainable well into the future and help afford us the autonomy to focus on the ever-changing needs of our community. Our simple desire is for you, your children, and your grandchildren to always have a cultural center in Montreal, and with the help of loyal donors and their commitment to the Jewish Public Library, we are succeeding!

Funds received allow us to invest in Books, Programs and our Facilities.

Books:  Largest and most central to the Library is our Book FundMonies endowed to this fund ensure that our outstanding librarians are able to purchase top quality books and stay current with new releases.  The Book Fund is the lifeline of our library.  Help us keep it robust!

Programs: We continue to provide an unparalleled offering of quality programs.  This includes new programs for children, youth, and seniors offered in 5 different languages!

Facilities: We will soon be updating our Library’s facilities in order to create an open-concept and modern space that is both welcoming and engaging for our patrons. Certain areas will be enlarged and remodeled in order to continue to offer a haven for children, youth, seniors and families to read, learn, and grow for many years to come.

Please contact Na’ama Freeman, Development Associate, at 514.345.2627 ext. 3042 to discuss your options.


You can create an endowment in your own name or in the name of someone you love. You may request that, in lieu of birthday gifts, friends and family should contribute to your endowment fund as a means of involving them in a cause that is important to you.


The endowment fund you create at the Library can be established with a contribution of $10,000.  It can be increased over time as well.  Your money will be invested and only the interest will be used to fund the Library’s programs.