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Friend Membership

The Friends membership, often described as the ‘heart and soul’ of the Library, is not simply a membership category. Rather, becoming a Friend of the JPL is to become a part of a community of advocates, thinkers, and individuals whose stalwart commitment to the Library’s mandate remains vital to our spirit and sustainability. It is because of our Friends that the Library is able to remain a vibrant and dynamic institution for generations to come.

First created in 1990, the Friends category has since grown to include almost 200 members who all play a critical part in fostering literacy and cultural growth in our community. Furthermore, Friends are entitled to a variety of benefits such as two complimentary tickets to cultural events, no late fees, and invitations to Friends-exclusive events. One such event is the highly anticipated Norma Cummings, z”l, Annual Friends Keynote Cocktail Reception which began in the home of Norma and Jack Cummings almost thirty years ago. Today, Friends of the Library are a pillar in our institution and in building the Library’s legacy. Join today!