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Mikhoel Felsenbaum – Avrom Avinu zingt a frimorgn-lid tsu Hoger

English translation from Yiddish by Rivka Augenfeld

Watch a video of Michael reading the poem in Yiddish here (reading starts at around the 5:00 mark of the video).

Our Patriarch Abraham Sings a Song of Dawn to Hagar

My dearest one,
I will no longer say « good morning » to you
Even before you open your eyes,
My fortunate one,
You will no longer caress me
Even before I look at your face,
My happy one,
We will no longer laugh
Even before I will kiss (you on) your back,
My swift one,
Your trace I will not seek
When you will quickly run deep into the desert,
My sweet one,
I will not seek your lips
When you will beg for, – at least a little piece of love,
My song,
I will not swallow your tears
Even when I’ll be dead-tired and thirsty,
My loved one,
You will not whisper with ardor – 
Enough, dawn is near,
Araham, I must run now…

I am too cold
Too lonely
And too blind…

Oh, Hagar my life, Hagar my life, Hagar my life,
I don’t know where,
But I know
That I have lost
The second end of our love-strand.


Yiddish Original


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