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Histoires que l’on raconte: Les 100 ans de la Bibliothèque publique juive new

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Throughout its history, the Library has developed in close connection with the community. It is its users who have defined the institution’s services and programs, and shaped its commitment to its members. The BPJ remains a dynamic cultural place which reflects its founding principle, which is to constitute a library “for the people and by the people”, that is to say a space where everyone finds their account.

At the Library, you can get away from it all in a book on your own or meet new people. Open to cultural diversity, the institution introduces new languages, ideas and traditions to different reading audiences. BPJ embraces song and dance, rhythm and rhyme; it offers stories and magic to toddlers who are starting to explore the world. In this place, digital technologies make hundreds of years of history accessible to new generations. Thus, the history of the Library is that of a community. It is made up of the voice of the many people – employees and members – who worked there and who carried on the spirit of its founders. As the Library enters its second century of existence,